Now you can

                                                                                Eat good Oats

                                                                                        and also

                                                                            Drink good Oats !

                                                                                                  due to new technology developed by us for you

Department of Applied nutrition, Lund University, SWEDEN, Aventure AB, Lund, SWEDEN, Glucanova AB Lund, SWEDEN, Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat State, INDIA, Hildur Functional Foods Pvt Ltd, & Dr. Baboo´s Food Science and Biotechnology Pvt Ltd, INDIA.

We have used the upp-to-date knowledge available on nutrition, health, food science and biotechnology to design our products for you. It is good at breakfast, lunch and dinner or at any time in between. It tastes good, smells good and you will feel good not only in the stomach but in the whole body including your heart and your brain, if you make it a habit to eat our oats or drink it if you like !